Jobs Around the House Vocabulary Activity II

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

Answer Bank
Press "tab" between answers.
  • set
  • clean
  • vacuum
  • make
  • watch
  • cut
  • iron
  • mop
  • wash
  • take out
  • sleeps
  • dishes

  1. Peter needs to the grass.
  2. After we eat we usually do the .
  3. I like to TV at night.
  4. Everyone in a bed.
  5. In the morning you need to the bed.
  6. You have to the trash.
  7. I don't like to the rug.
  8. Will you please my clothes. They are dirty.
  9. The house is a mess. We should the house.
  10. My daughter spilled her milk. I have to the floor to clean it.
  11. Before we eat, my son the table.
  12. I like to my nice shirt after I wash it.
    1. .


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