Reading Activity for In the Classroom Vocabulary

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  • pencil
  • teacher
  • textbook
  • bookshelf
  • student
  • computer
  • classroom
  • notebook
  • dictionary
Read the following story and fill in the blanks with a word from the list:

My name is John and I am learning English. I am a at Rosedale Middle School. My English is Mr. Bonds and he is really nice. This is a great school.

There are twelve students in my English class. Our has twenty four desks, but we only use half of them. When we write in class Mr. Bonds likes us to use a . He doesn't let us use a pen. We each have a to write in for the English class. We also have an English that we use every day. It is called "Basic English II. There are a lot of difficult words in the book, so we look them up in a . Mr. Bonds has twenty of these on a behind his desk. We are allowed to use them whenever we want.

This Friday we get to use the to look up some information on the internet. I am very happy. Using technology is fun. I am luck to have such a great teacher.

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