Reading Activity for Lesson on People

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  • family
  • students
  • teacher
  • husband
  • children
  • girl
  • friends
  • doctor
  • neighbors

My name is Rebecca and I live in California. My family and I live in a nice house in a quiet neighborhood near San Francisco.

My is Robert. He is thirty-nine years old and I am thirty-eight. Robert is a and he works at a hospital near our town. I am a at a school down the street from our house.

Our is not very large. We have only two . Our son's name is John. He is sixteen years old. His sister is our beautiful little . She is eight years old and her name is Sally. Both my son and daughter are . John is in the 8th grade and Sally is in the 4th grade.

After school both of our children go outside to play with their . We are lucky that most of our have children too. It is a good neighborhood for families.

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