About Us

Site Author, Drew Lawton
My name is Andrew Lawton and I am a Spanish teacher in Austin, TX. A couple of years ago I taught an informal ESL class and really enjoyed it. This experience inspired me to come up with my own lessons and worksheets to share with teachers and students for free.

I created this website to help an intermediate to advanced ESL student work on his or her real world English communication skills. The lessons cover situations one would encounter while living in an English speaking country. The topics range from serious situations, like a hospital stay or a conversation with your child’s teacher, to lighter “fun” topics. The focus is on expressions, phrases and slang commonly used in these situations. Each lesson has fifteen to twenty vocabulary words or expression. Definitions and examples are provided for each term. There are exercises that go along with each lesson to practice and use the language learned.

As a person who learned a second language later on in life, I feel there is a need for lessons that focus on “real world” expressions for “every day” situations. Most ESL textbooks cover the vocabulary used in common situations, but they do not have the time or space for the more random topics. A person who wants to become fluent needs to know how to speak smoothly in all situations. The student who learns English in a classroom will probably have some trouble carrying on a conversation about joining a gym or getting their hair done. I designed this site with that in mind. When I was learning Spanish, I could have used a site like this. After a few years of studying the language, I could conjugate verbs and read a newspaper. The problem was that I would have really struggled to communicate in a simple situation like ordering a pizza or making a flight reservation. Many language learners can ace an English grammar exam, but still sound awkward in the most basic communication situations. Getting an A in your advanced ESL class is great, but if you still cannot smoothly communicate in situations like buying a car, setting up utilities for your house or talking to your child’s teacher, there is something lacking.

The advanced lessons on my site focus on helping English learners who already have basic grammar down, but need improvements with overall fluency. The beginner lessons are for anyone who needs them (teachers or students). Use these lessons and exercises to help yourself or your students increase English fluency. When people you come across start focusing on what you are saying, instead of your awkward word choice, you will feel more confident and more at ease with English.

The site is free to use. If you find the lessons useful, please tell a friend. E mail me at alawton@austincc.edu if you have any suggestions or corrections (I’m well aware that some are needed ). Thanks!