Automobile Matching

Answer Bank
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  • A. to get a jump
  • B. tail gate
  • C. speed trap
  • D. break down
  • E. peel out
  • F. fender bender
  • G. school zone
  • H. fish tail
  • I. road rage
  • J. pedal to the medal

  1. a minor car crash:
  2. This is an area where you must drive slow:
  3. To follow someone very closely on the road:
  4. To spin your tires quickly to leave a mark:
  5. Where a police officer waits to catch you speeding:
  6. When your car engine no longer works it is called:
  7. When you lose your temper because of another driver:
  8. To get your battery recharged:
  9. When the back end of your car moves uncontrollably it is called:
  10. To press the accelerator as hard as you can is called putting the: .

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