Beauty Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
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  • perm
  • age spots
  • wonder bra
  • to wax
  • allergens
  • hair care products
  • makeover
  • face mask
  • to tease
  • manicure

  1. If you don’t use sun block you are going to have a lot of .
  2. The girls are surely going   He would be fine buying a their legs before the beach vacation.
  3. Some people who are trying to change their lives around will get a for a fresh new look .
  4. I put a on before I go to bed. In the morning I peel it off and my face feels clean.
  5. Do you know what the are in that cream?
  6. The hairstylist is going to if you ask her to give you a fuller look.
  7. Do you think she is wearing a or does she just have really big breast?
  8. With her straight hair she needs to get a to have any curls at all.
  9. Samantha wanted to get a but she couldn’t. She broke her finger last week skiing.
  10. There are so many . I don’t know which shampoo to pick.

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