Matching Worksheet for Beauty Terms

Answer Bank
Press "Tab" between answers
  • A. face mask
  • B. perm
  • C. hair care products
  • D. age spots
  • E. makeover
  • F. wax
  • G. wonder bra
  • H. botox
  • I. allergen
  • J. facial

  1. To get rid of unwanted hair women will _____ their legs:
  2. People get this to get rid of wrinkles:
  3. Women who want their breasts to look bigger will use this:
  4. You get one of these to make your hair curly or wavy:
  5. To completely change and improve your looks you could get a:
  6. This involves massaging and applying cleansing creams to the face:
  7. These are bought to clean and maintain your hair:
  8. These will cause irritation to your skin:
  9. This goes over your face to clean it:
  10. These are marks on the skin caused by the sun: .

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