Script for Beauty Expressions Conversation Activity

Boss: Ok Robert, we have some new products that just arrived that I want you to try to sell today. The first is a new cream that helps hide age spots.

Employee:I can do that. We get a lot of older women in on weekdays, so I should be able to sell a lot of that cream.

Boss: Great. We also have some new hair care products in that are really good.

Employee: OK. Do we have any hair highlighting products that I can tell the customers about?

Boss: No, but we do have a new product that women can use to give themselves a perm at home. We have to be careful to inform the customers about the active ingredients in this one. In our other store in Boston some customers complained about the perm product containing allergens that made them itch all day.

Employee: Oh, that's not good. We don't want to get sued or lose customers.

Boss: That's right. We also have some new do it at home manicure kits that I want to sell. Would you like to try one out on yourself to see how it works. That way you could be knowledgeable about the product when customers ask you questions.

Employee: I'm not really into making my fingernails beautiful. Would you mind if I brought it home and tried it on my wife?

Boss: Yeah, that's fine. Now, do you know of anything else our customers have been asking for that we don't currently offer?.

Employee: Well, a lot of women have been asking me about botox and where to get it.

Boss: Ok. I'll get a list of local doctors that provide that service. You are my best employee. Keep up the great work.

Employee: You got it. I won’t disappoint you.

Boss:Sounds good. Now get to work!

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