Birthday Words Matching Activity

Match the word with the definition. Press "Tab" between answers.

Answer Bank
  • A. cute name for a kid
  • B. joint party
  • C. over the hill
  • D. sweet 16
  • E. goodie bags
  • F. blow out the candles
  • G. party favors
  • H. crash a party
  • I. gift card
  • J. RSVP
  • K. to throw a party for
  • L. bash
  • M. gag gift
  • N. party streamers

  1. A joke expressions for someone who is getting old:
  2. What you do after people sing you "Happy Birthday" and put a cake in front of you:
  3. A present that is meant as a joke:
  4. A special birthday for a teenage girl:
  5. What you write on an invitation so people know to tell you if they are coming or not:
  6. Little gifts given to kids that attend a birthday party:
  7. To show up at a party that you are not invited to:
  8. The birthday boy/girl:
  9. A bigger than normal party:
  10. A present given that is credit towards a store:
  11. Little gifts given to guests that attend a party:
  12. An expression meaning to organize a party for someone:
  13. Thin pieces of paper used to hang on walls to decorate for a party:
  14. A party for two different people that is combined as one:

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