Car Purchase Fill in the Blanks

Write in the correct word and press "Tab" between answers:

Answer Bank
  • car dealership
  • sticker price
  • blue book value
  • coupe
  • car lot
  • bumper to bumper
  • SUV
  • sedan
  • hybrid
  • pickup truck

  1. In the you'll find a lot of different models of cars to look at when you are at the dealership.
  2. Make sure they offer coverage. If not, in a few years something could break and you'd have to pay for it.
  3. Once they had a baby they had to get rid of the . There was no room for the little guy!
  4. If you need a lot of space in your vehicle get a . These have space and plenty of seats.
  5. Check the to see how much it is really worth.
  6. I need a so I can fit at least two people in the back. I don't want a pickup truck or a SUV.
  7. Most people don't pay the entire . The car dealership usually takes off a little bit of money.
  8. If you are worried about the price of gas get a . These don't use a lot of gas.
  9. I got my brand new Honda at the local .
  10. I have a so we can load your bags in the back.

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