Buying a Car Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • car dealership
  • sticker price
  • extended warranty
  • hybrid
  • SUV
  • coupe
  • blue book value
  • car lot
  • bumper to bumper
  • factory to dealer incentives

One of my least favorite things to do is to buy a new car. You have to put a lot of research in to not get ripped off.

My first decision is whether to get a or a pickup truck. Whatever it is, it has to be big. I can't drive a little because I need to fit a lot of people in my vehicle. When we go on a trip we need a lot of room.

After looking on the internet for the vehicle that I want, I have to decide which I'll go to. I live in a large city, so there are many. Being that I've done some research on the of the car I want, I know I won't get overcharged. I'd rather die than pay the for an automobile. Nobody pays that!

Upon arriving at the dealership, I will take a stroll around the to see what is actually available. Nothing is more frustrating that showing up to buy a car you saw advertised and finding out they are sold out! Once I pick the vehicle, there is the process of deciding on what features I want in terms of future service. Most cars come with some sort of program. This lets a customer prolong the period in which the auto is covered in terms of repairs. The most comprehensive option is the coverage. Everything is covered with this one.

This year I will consider buying a . These get better gas mileage. The car manufacturers are really pushing these so there are good . It would be smart to take advantage of that before it is too late.

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