Cell Phone Matching

Answer Bank
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  • A. service plan
  • B. all bills paid
  • C. airtime
  • D. in network
  • E. prepaid plan
  • F. peak hours
  • G. 2 year contract
  • H. hands free device
  • I. land line
  • J. blue tooth

  1. A traditional phone can be called a:
  2. This is the plan you choose with your cell phone company:
  3. This is when the cell phone company has the most volume of calls:
  4. Most cell phone companies make you sign one of these to keep you as a customer:
  5. The amount of time a customer uses his phone in any way during a period of time:
  6. This is a technology that lets devices communicate with each other wirelessly:
  7. Service providers offer this reward to customers that stay with them:
  8. A cell phone that you can use without having to hold is a:
  9. When a cell phone customer calls another person who also uses that same service provider the call is said to be:
  10. If you pay for your cell phone service before you actually use it each month it is a: .

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