Matching Worksheet for Cleaning Vocabulary

Answer Bank
Press "Tab" between answers
  • A. to clean out
  • B. deep cleaning
  • C. wipe off
  • D. trashed
  • E. pigsty
  • F. to air out
  • G. dirty work
  • H. backed up
  • I. pick up
  • J. to do the wash

  1. A very intense cleaning:
  2. The act of cleaning your clothes:
  3. A huge mess that looks like an animal lived there:
  4. If a toilet can't flush because it is blocked it is:
  5. To get rid of unwanted junk in a room, closet or garage:
  6. To open a window or door to improve the overall smell:
  7. A room that has been destroyed and messed up is:
  8. To clean off a surface with a rag:
  9. The job that nobody wants to do is the:
  10. If your kids make a mess of your kitchen you probably have to __________ after them. .

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