English Diet Vocabulary

Crash Diet

Here the person dieting changes his/her habits drastically. This can be cutting out all carbohydrates, sweets or just cutting calorie intake by a large margin.

“After weighing myself I decided to go on a crash diet.”

Low Carb Diet

This focuses on cutting out or limiting carbohydrates from the dieter’s food intake. Many of the popular diets today focus on limiting carbohydrates. Dieters will eat meats and any other foods high in proteins to replace the breads and pasta that are popular in the way Americans eat.

“Most people today are on Low carb diets.”

Fad Diet

This is one that is popular and being talked about in the media. Talk shows and the news programs tend to give these coverage since many viewers are interested in the latest dieting trends.

“Every year there is a new fad diet that everyone is trying.”

Atkins Diet

This is the most famous of the “low carb” diets. Dr. Robert Atkins came up with this plan after trying it out himself to lose weight. It is based around the dieter limiting their carb intake and finding their own personal limits on carb consumption.

“My brother went on the Atkins diet. He won’t eat a lot of bread or pasta.”

South Beach Diet

This is a very popular in the US that focuses on replacing bad carbohydrates with good carbohydrates. Bad carbohydrates are the processed foods like potato chips and other unhealthy foods. Good carbohydrates are non fatty foods like lean meats and nuts and fish.

“The south beach diet changed my life. I now know how to choose the right foods”

Super Foods

These are foods that are naturally healthier and more prone to preventing disease than the average foods. Some examples of super foods are blueberries, spinach, and turkey.

“Try to incorporate some of the super foods in what you eat each day.”

Dietary Supplement

This is anything that is added to a person’s diet to add nutrients that may be missing from the daily diet. Vitamins are examples of Dietary supplements.

“To make sure I am really healthy I take dietary supplements.”

Go on a diet

When a person decides to start watching what he eats it is called “going on a diet”.

“After the holidays I will go on a diet.”

Ideal Weight

This is the weight that is considered healthy for your height and bone structure.

“After a month of jogging I was at my ideal weight.”

Binge Eating

This is when a person goes through a period where he overeats. It usually happens in a short period of time.

“On vacation people may do some binge eating.

Junk Food

These are foods that have little to no nutritional value. Potato chips and French fries are examples of junk food.

“If you are watching your weight, you have to avoid all junk food.”

Empty Calories

These are calories in food that give you energy, but don’t have any nutritional value. Junk foods are full of empty calories.

“That white bread has a lot of empty calories. You should eat whole wheat bread.”

Super size it

Fast food restaurants are notorious for serving junk food. Many of these establishments now give customers the option to make their order even bigger. If a customer decides to “super size it” he will be charged about a dollar more and he will get a larger portion of everything.

“Part of the reason that she is so fat is that she always super sizes her order at McDonald’s.”

To break your diet

If you are watching your weight and one day you break down and eat junk food it is called “breaking your diet”.

“I’m sure to break my diet if we go to Burger King.”

Healthy Portions

Many diets focus on reducing the food intake of the dieter during each meal. Dieters learn how much of each different food group should be consumed for each meal. The appropriate amounts of foods are called “healthy portions”

“Remember to eat healthy portions and you won’t get fat.”


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