Script for the Conversation Activity on Eating Vocabulary

John: Robert, why are you eating all of the food I bought from the store last night? The chips are almost all gone. Did you pig out on them when you were watching the game?

Robert: Yeah, that was me. When I got home from class last night I didn’t have the energy to throw together a meal. I wolfed down your bag of chips instead.

John: Geez. I thought you were going to start watching what you eat. You said you’ve gained a lot of weight in the last month and that you wanted to lose a few pounds.

Robert: That is true. Since I moved out of my parents’ house it is rare that I eat a well balanced meal. I miss my mom’s home cooked meals. Pretty much every night I end up having junk food for dinner.

John: I’d make dinner for you once in a while, but you are such a picky eater. I wouldn’t even know what to make for you. When I made pasta last month you stared at it and picked at it a bit. I don’t think you even tried it.

Robert: Well, that is true. I am a picky eater. I’m going to start preparing light meals from now on. Maybe I’ll make a salad tonight. I also need to stop dining out. The food is not healthy and it costs a lot.

John: That sounds good. Make me a salad too. I’ll have an apple to hold me over until you have it ready.

Robert: Ok. I’m not going to make dinner for a while though. Right now I’m stuffed. I just ate your bag of pretzels that you picked up at the store yesterday.

John: Really? You eat up everything that you see! I may have to hide my food.

Robert: No need for that. My days of eating up all your food are over.

John: I’ll believe that when I see it.

Robert: Ha. Well, tonight I will start making it up to you by making you that salad. I’m going to the store right now to get everything. Do you need anything?

John: How about a bag of chips and pretzels? I seem to be out of those.

Robert: No problem buddy. I’ll see you later.

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