Embarrassment Reading Worksheet

Fill in the blanks with the correct word. PRESS TAB BETWEEN ANSWERS.
Answer Bank
  • elephant in the room
  • cringe
  • show my face
  • mortified
  • face
  • under the rug
  • down a notch
  • shamed
  • black eye

The other day I had a very embarrassing situation in my neighborhood. My dog was on our neighbor's yard and he ate all of their newly planted flowers. Needless to say, I was . When I looked out the window, and saw my neighbor Tim chasing the dog with a yard rake, it made me . Tim was probably cursing me in his head.

This is not the first time my dog has given me problems. Last year he attacked my other neighbor's cute little dog. Up to that point, I had thought everyone in the block liked me. When several people came outside to scream at me about my unruly dog I was definitely taken . The next month, at a neighborhood party, everyone looked at me strangely, but nobody mentioned what happened. It was the . I quickly realized that nobody was very happy with me. I decided then and there to not for a while. I was hoping that maybe people would forget about the situation with the passing of time. It is not fun to get by the people you live near!

It has become apparent that this dog of ours has become a for my family. I was hoping to sweep this situation , but that is not going to happen. I am sick of losing because of this wild beast we call a pet. I think it is time to send the dog to my mom's house in the country. Maybe she will find a use for him.

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