Script for Buying a Home Listening Activity

The other day I got a call from my brother Jim. He said he was looking around town and he found a rundown old home that he is looking to purchase. It is a real fixer upper. He contacted me because he won’t get credit approval by himself. Jim has bad credit. He wanted me to be his co-signer.

Jim was not thinking about living in the house. He wanted to buy it to fix it up and to then sell it. The goal would be to flip the house for a large profit. After working in construction for a few summers in the past, Jim is good at that kind of thing.

I thought about it for a moment and I agreed to be his co-signer, if I could see the house first to make sure it was a good idea. That next day we drove over to the house to take a look. Right away I was impressed. The house was on a large wooded lot. There were good views and plenty of privacy. The house itself was definitely run down, but Jim explained to me everything that he would do to fix it up.

The seller wasn’t requiring a down payment and the monthly mortgage wasn’t too bad. I was on board. I agreed to co-sign on the mortgage. I even told Jim that I would help out on the repairs when I had time.

The repairs went well and we had the house looking good in a few months. By the time we were done the house genuinely had curb appeal. Now, all we needed was a buyer. We contacted a realtor and we started the whole process of selling a house. Luck was with us that summer and we sold it in two weeks for our asking price. What a great experience!

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