Script for the Conversation Activity on Buying a Home

Realtor: Hello Robert. Nice to meet you. From what I read in the e mail you sent me , you are living in an apartment now, but you’d like to buy a home.

Robert: That’s right. My wife and I are about to have our third child so the apartment we are in is getting too small.

Realtor: When is your lease up on the apartment?

Robert: Not for a couple of months. If we find a house we like we are willing to break the lease. That’s how important getting a house is to us now. We have been good tenants at our apartment complex for three years now. With any luck, they will let us break the lease with no punishment.

Realtor: Ok Robert. Tell me what sorts of things you are looking for in a house and give me an idea of the location you are looking for.

Robert: Well, we want a house with at least four bedrooms. My wife is hoping to find a house in a cul-de-sac. She thinks there will be less traffic so the kids can ride their bikes around.

Realtor: Sounds good. There are a lot of subdivisions in this area with homes like that. Do you two want a large lot? That is harder to come by. Builders are making houses on smaller lots these days.

Robert: The lot doesn’t have to be huge, but we’d prefer one with a lot of trees.

Realtor: OK. I can work with that. You want a four bedroom house on a decent sized wooded lot. Do you care if the neighborhood has an HOA? That can be a good thing in terms of the neighborhood staying nice and neat.

Robert: I don’t mind HOAs. The apartment complex we have been living in is really nice. There are a lot of amenities like a pool and a tennis court. The grounds are well kept up. I’m willing to pay a little each month to the HOA to keep the neighborhood nice.

Realtor:Good. I definitely know of some places we can look for homes like the one you are describing. Before we go out and look let me ask you a few more questions. Do you have enough money saved for a 20% down payment? You might not need that much, but you will have to put some money down.

Robert: We should have enough money for a down payment. If we don’t, my wife’s dad is willing to be a co-signer on any loan we take out. He is worried about us living in the ghetto with our kids if we can’t afford a nice place. He wants our starter home to be a brand new house with curb appeal. In the past he has purchased some fixer upper type homes and he hated having to do all of the repairs.

Realtor: Well, I think we have covered everything we need to talk about for now. Let’s meet tomorrow morning and I can start showing you guys some houses.

Robert: Great. We will meet you here in your office tomorrow at 8:00 AM.

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