Hotel Vocabulary Listening

Listen to the audio passage by pressing the play button and answer the questions below. Enter the correct letter and press the "tab" key. To find the definitions of the words used in the story click on: Hotel Vocabulary Definitions
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  1. Don't use capitalization (no caps [e.g. ABC]).
  2. Don't use punctuation (e.g. . , : ; ).
  3. Press "tab" between answers.

  1. What does his job require him to do a lot? a) stay in his office b) travel c) clean the office d) ride his bike
  2. What makes the bad aspects of the job bearable? a) the friends he has at work b) the company car c) the hotel d) the pay
  3. The narrator stays at a hotel 12 times a ________. a) week b) hour c) month d) year
  4. Who pays for the meals at the hotels? a) the company b) his wife c) he does d) nobody
  5. Where does the narrator usually eat when on the road? a) in a restaurant b) in a house c) at Burger King d) in his room
  6. What kind of hotel does the narrator avoid so his clients won't look down on him? a) seeedy hotels b) small hotels c) hotels in the country d) fancy hotels
  7. What does the narrator receive at 6:00 AM? a) breakfast b) a wake up call c) a newspaper d) coffee
  8. If the narrator decides to drink, where does he get the alcoholic beverage? a) the downstairs bar b) his car c) the wet bar d) the store
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