Internet Matching

Answer Bank
Press "Tab" between answers
  • A. surf the web
  • B. chat room
  • C. smut sites
  • D. hacker
  • E. case sensitive
  • F. blocked site
  • G. spam
  • H. internet predator
  • I. virus
  • J. download

  1. To transfer files from the internet to your computer:
  2. A program that ruins files on your computer:
  3. A web site that you are not able to access:
  4. Unwanted e mails that contain advertisements:
  5. An adult who is looking for young people to take advantage of:
  6. A term that means to look at different sites on the internet:
  7. Internet sites that show pornography:
  8. A place to go on the internet to talk with people through text messaging:
  9. Means you need to pay attention about capitalizing your letters:
  10. Person who enters an individual's or company's computer system: .

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