Job Interview Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Write in the correct word and press "Tab" between answers:

Answer Bank
  • background check
  • thank you letter
  • want ads
  • job leads
  • references
  • job opening
  • career fair
  • cover letter
  • on the job experience
  • overqualified

  1. A position with a company that is not filled yet is a: .
  2. A lets the person who interviewed you know that you appreciated his time.
  3. Most employers prefer that a potential employee has . This means that the person won't need as much training.
  4. We need to do a to see if this applicant has a criminal history.
  5. One of John's had nothing but bad things to say about him. He should take that name off the list.
  6. In your you should mention the exact job that you are applying for.
  7. There were representative from twelve local companies at the yesterday.
  8. Check the to see if there are any job openings in your field.
  9. The career counselor in our school knows about certain that you may be interested in.
  10. I was told that I was for the position. I have an MBA and ten years experience.

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