Script for Conversation Activity on Lawyer Expressions

Lawyer: Hello Mr. Johnson. My secretary tells me that you are here today because you are thinking about pressing charges against your uncle.

Client: That is correct. He attacked me in my home last weekend. I was hit in the head with a baseball bat. He has a lot of money and I’d like to sue him for assault.

Lawyer: Ok, I understand. Have you talked to your uncle about this yet? Do you know if he plans on retaining a lawyer?

Client: I’m not sure, but I’m sure he will when he finds out that I plan on pressing charges against him.

Lawyer: Do you know if your uncle has any prior arrests? If I am going to be the prosecutor in this case, I need to know everything about him. If we are lucky we may be able to reach a settlement with him and not have to go to trial. How much money are you looking to get from him?

Client: I’m thinking a million dollars for the pain and suffering I’ve endured.

Lawyer:Really? You seem to be just fine for someone who got hit with a baseball bat. You don’t even have a bruise. I don’t know what you have heard, but I am not an ambulance chaser. I help people with real cases.

Client: My injury is real. I just have a really hard head, so there isn’t a bruise or anything. My uncle is claiming that he wasn’t even at my house that night so he couldn’t of attacked me.

Lawyer: Oh. Do you know if he has an alibi? Was he with anyone the night that you say he attacked you?

Client: He says that he was with his girlfriend that night at the movies, but that is not true.

Lawyer:Well, if this case goes to court the judge will want to hear her testimony. It will most likely be her word against yours.

Client: You don’t seem to excited about representing me in this case. I think I will search elsewhere for an attorney who is more motivated.

Lawyer: That’s fine with me. I don’t believe you anyway. Who gets hit on the head with a bat and has no mark to prove it? Be careful. If this case ever goes to trial the judge may sentence you to prison time for lying in court. Now get out of here let me see my real clients.

Client: Fine! You’ll be sorry when you hear that I was awarded a lot of money for this case.

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