ESL Terms for Learning Matching Worksheet

English Worksheet for Learning Vocabulary

Answer Bank
(Press "Tab" between answers)
  • A. clueless
  • B. to pick up
  • C. to crack the books
  • D. to be beyond you
  • E. ingrained in you
  • F. to get the hang of
  • G. sink in
  • H. to brush up on
  • I. to soak in
  • J. skim through
  1. Something that you have been taught repeatedly is:
  2. To look at a document quickly:
  3. To start the process of studying:
  4. To review a subject that you learned a while ago:
  5. To feel completely uninformed is to feel:
  6. To start to understand how to do a specific task or skill:
  7. When the information you are trying to learn slowly becomes understandable it is said to:
  8. To learn a new concept:
  9. To be so difficult to understand that you can't imagine yourself ever learning it:
  10. To learn by sitting and observing: .

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