Doctor's Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • swollen
  • dizziness
  • junk food
  • running a fever
  • physician
  • ER
  • hmo
  • swollen
  • ache
  • ideal weight

Last week I had to bring my daughter Alex to the doctor’s office. She had a headache and she was . The nurse said her temperature was 101 degrees. She had to miss school for a couple of days.

We have been pretty lucky with Alex in terms of her being healthy.  Besides getting a small cold once in a while, she is hardly ever sick.  We did have to take her to the once because she hurt her wrist.  She was climbing a tree and she fell out.  The determined her wrist was broken.  His name was Dr. Gold and he was really nice.   We had health insurance at the time so it didn’t cost too much.  We were members of a which I had through my job.  We only had to pay a small.

Alex’s wrist was because of the break. It looked really big and that scared Alex. Once they put the cast on she couldn’t see it anymore so she calmed down a bit. The doctor prescribed some pain medication to get her through the first few days. The problem with the medication was that it caused . About an hour after Alex took the medication she said her head was spinning and she felt nauseous.

Overall the situation wasn’t too bad. Alex’s wrist did a little, but it was tolerable.  She healed up and everything went back to normal. Hopefully that will be the last time we have to use the insurance for a while.

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