Script for Conversation Activity on Movie Vocabulary

Robert: Hey Jim. What did you do Saturday night? I didn’t see you at Sally’s party.

Jim: I went to the movies with my girlfriend. She dragged me to see a chic flick. It was horrible.

Robert: That’s too bad. What did you see?

Jim: I don’t remember the name. I slept through most of it. It had to have been a tear jerker because all the women in the theater left the movie crying.

Robert: Do you remember who was in it ?

Jim: No. I didn’t recognize any of the actors. There were definitely no A listers or Oscar nominated actors in that one. I don’t imagine it will be winning any Oscars.

Robert: We should go to a movie this weekend. We both have similar tastes. I’d like to see the sequel to that sci fi movie we saw last year. There’s also a scary blood and gore movie coming out this week.

Jim: I’ve got plans both Friday and Saturday night. I could go to a matinee though. Before that horrible movie my girlfriend made me watch, I saw the trailer for an indie film I’d like to see. It’s about a guy who takes a trip across the country after graduating from college. Not an actioned packed block buster, but it should be interesting.

Robert: Yeah, that will work. Those kinds of movies usually aren’t too crowded. Lots of kids go to the movies on Saturday afternoon, but they will all be watching an animated Disney movie and not bothering us.

Jim: Yes. They don’t let kids into the movies we like. OK. Let’s plan for Saturday afternoon. See you then.

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