Police Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
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  • ex con
  • get busted
  • rat on
  • post bail
  • take you downtown
  • do time
  • warrant out
  • plead the fifth
  • crack down on
  • bail him out

  1. You will need some money to to get out of jail.
  2. The police tried to get me to   He would be fine buying a my friends. I wouldn't do it.
  3. It is hard for an to get hired. Nobody trusts him.
  4. The police are looking for him. He has a for his arrest.
  5. The criminal didn't want to talk. He wanted to .
  6. The police will be drunk driving this weekend.
  7. I got a call from my brother. He got arrested last night and he wanted me to .
  8. When you get arrested the police will . That's where the police station is.
  9. It is not easy to . You just sit in your cell all day.
  10. Be careful when you drive around this area. You don't want to for speeding.

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