Supermarket Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
  • bakery
  • cold cuts
  • on sale
  • dairy
  • cashier
  • express lane
  • that'll be
  • groceries
  • condiments
  • seasonal

  1. The person who takes your money is the .
  2. I have to go to the supermarket to buy a lot of . We don't have anything in the house!
  3. If you are just buying milk go to the . It's a lot faster
  4. Someone from the can help you with purchasing a birthday cake .
  5. In a store like this you better hope that some things are . The prices are really high!
  6. I need ketchup, mustard and salt. These are all.
  7. In the section you will find yogurt and milk .
  8. If you want to see if they have Halloween costumes look in the section.
  9. The cashier said, " twenty dollars".
  10. If you are going to the store pick up some . I want to make some sandwiches
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