Matching Supermarket Vocabulary

Answer Bank
  • A. paper or plastic?
  • B. cash or credit
  • C. meal deal
  • D. check out
  • E. bakery
  • F. aisle
  • G. groceries
  • H. please swipe your card
  • I. on sale
  • J. dairy

  1. An expression that means to pay:
  2. A combination of food that is packaged to sell as an entire meal is a:
  3. What you walk up and down:
  4. When an item costs less that day it is:
  5. If you pay by credit the cashier will say:
  6. Items that you buy at the supermarket are:
  7. This is where you will find the butter:
  8. This is where you find the fresh bread:
  9. When the cashier is ready to take your payment he will say:
  10. When the store clerk is ready to put your groceries in a bag he will say: .
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