Script for Conversation on Taking Medicine

Doctor: Hello Mr. Smith how are you feeling today? You don't look so good.

Mr. Smith: I feel terrible. That's why I'm here.

Doctor: Let me check you out. Oh yeah... You have an ear infection. I'm going to prescribe an antibiotic for you to deal with this. I suggest you get this prescription filled right away. These things tend to get worse.

Mr. Smith: OK doctor, but do you know if this medicine is going to make me drowsy? I don't want to be tired at work. Whatever that medicine you gave me last year made me really tired. I don't know what the active ingredient in that one was, but it could have put a horse to sleep.

Doctor:No, don't worry. This medicine won't make you drowsy. It is not a sedative. What I gave you last year was an antidepressant. Those always make you tired.

Mr. Smith: Are there any side effects to what you are giving me?

Doctor: This medicine may make you feel a little nauseous, but other than that you should be fine.

Mr. Smith: Do you know if there is a generic form of this drug? I don't want to pay a lot.

Doctor: Yes. That's the one I called in to the pharmacy. Now go pick up your prescription and rest today.

Mr. Smith: OK doctor. Thanks!

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