Television Vocabulary Reading Exercise

Fill in the blanks and tab between answers.

Answer Bank
  • pauses for a commercial break
  • newscast
  • infomercials
  • family friendly
  • premium channels
  • wide screen
  • sitcoms
  • talk shows
  • remote
  • news anchor

We watch a lot of television in my house. In the family room there is a huge TV. From anywhere in the room you can see the screen without a problem. Some will say that modern day Americans watch too much TV, but I don't agree.

Since we spend so much time in front of the television, I decided to pay the money for all of the . This way we never miss any of our favorite shows. My wife likes funny programs about other families so she watches . When the kids are around we make sure to watch shows. We don't want the children seeing a lot of violence. Once the kids go to bed I like to watch . These shows have guests ranging from movie stars to famous athletes. My favorite one is Late Night with Conan O Brian. He is a good host.

If it is really late at night there isn't much on TV. The networks show mostly . I get bored with these and I usually grab the and change the channels all night. I should probably just go to bed! We do actually use the TV to be informed about what is going on in the world today. I watch the that NBC, my favorite network, airs at 6:00 PM every night. The is a pleasant man who seems to know what he is talking about.

Some days the only time I get off the couch is when the network . During this time I run to the kitchen to get a snack. Someday I will get outside and get some exercise, but for now I just love the TV too much.

The entire experience was pleasant and I will definitely return to that store again. Good customer service goes a long way. I'll be sure to tell the manager that.

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