Script for Television Conversation

John: Hey Robert, I like this new flat screen TV you bought. It is nice.

Robert: Thanks. I just got it. Hand me the clicker and I will show you how nice the picture is.

John: I’ll turn it on. Wow! It is a nice picture. What do you want to watch? We can watch the local news or a sit com.

Robert: The news is boring. I can’t stand that new anchor they have on channel 4. She looks like a squirrel.

John:OK. Let’s watch one of the talk shows that come on after prime time. Some of those guys are really funny. There’s one called Late night with Conan O’Brien that gets good ratings.

Robert: I would say yes, but those shows can be a little crazy sometimes. My little sister may walk in at any time. Put on something more family friendly. Maybe a sitcom about a family or something.

John: OK, but that seems like a waste of a perfectly new TV. I hate sitcoms. I’d rather watch an infomercial about a new vacuum cleaner.

Robert: Ha. You are funny. My dad just bought a premium channel package so we get movies now. Try one of those stations. Just no R rated movies.

John: Ok. I’ll find something good. I love HBO and those kinds of channels. You never get any boring reruns of dumb shows.

Robert: Since you are the guest I will let you decide on a movie.

John: Thanks pal.

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