Matching Exercise for Training Expressions

Answer Bank
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  • A. to take under your wing
  • B. to mold
  • C. to be thrown to the wolves
  • D. to walk through something
  • E. mentor
  • F. to get a lay of the land
  • G. crash course
  • H. to watch over
  • I. to break someone in
  • J. show the ropes
  1. A person who helps another person with his or her career:
  2. To show someone how things run in a new situation:
  3. To influence a person to act in the way you want:
  4. To help another person who needs it:
  5. To pay special attention to:
  6. A quick training on a specific subject:
  7. To practice a procedure so a person can see how it goes:
  8. To be made to perform a task without the proper training:
  9. To get an understanding of how things work in a new position or situation:
  10. To get a person used to a new job or situation: .

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