Clothing Vocabulary Multiple Choice

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English as a Second Language Clothing Vocabulary

  1. Boots go on your:

    a) hands

    b) feet

    c) head

    d) back

  2. A tie goes around your:

    a) heart

    b) neck

    c) fingers

    d) legs

  3. I wear this on my head:

    a) shoe

    b) underwear

    c) baseball cap

    d) tie

  4. A kind of pants that are usually blue:

    a) jeans

    b) suit

    c) bathing suit

    d) scarf

  5. Before putting on my shoes, I put on my:

    a) hat

    b) watch

    c) socks

    d) boots

  6. These go on your hands:

    a) flip flops

    b) pants

    c) scarf

    d) gloves

  7. When it is cold I wear:

    a) a jacket

    b) flip flops

    c) a t shirt

    d) a bracelt

  8. Men don't wear a:

    a) watch

    b) skirt

    c) shirt

    d) hat

  9. To swim I wear a:

    a) watch

    b) skirt

    c) bathing suit

    d) necklace

  10. Pants go on my:

    a) feet

    b) fingers

    c) shoulders

    d) legs

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