Fill in the Blanks for ELL Transportation Vocabulary

Fill in the blanks with the correct English word.

Answer Bank
Press "tab" between answers.
  • airplane
  • bicycle
  • trucks
  • minivan
  • motorcycle
  • bus
  • skateboard
  • boat
  • taxi
  • train

Transportation Terms

  1. A goes in the water.
  2. A has two wheels and an engine.
  3. Many children ride the to school.
  4. A is a car that is usually yellow and picks people up.
  5. A goes quickly through the sky.
  6. A has two wheels and no motor.
  7. A is very long and can carry many people.
  8. Many families with kids drive a because it fits a lot of people.
  9. Companies like Wal Mart use big to bring products to their stores.
  10. Kids ride a four wheeled toy called a .
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